This is a page of an agreement between our company and you as client. This also referred in these Terms as the person accessing and using Gominer cloud mining service and accepting these Terms.

These Terms are applied to any mining you undertake by using our service and Website as they form legal agreement between you and Gominer on the acceptance of your application for an Account.

If there is a conflict between these terms of service and Gominer’s terms of use or the instructions, guidance and similar information found on the website, these terms of service will take in priority. It is not possible for our company to confirm the exact amount of bitcoins or any crypto currency will be mined by any client.

By registering in our company, you confirm that you understand and accept these terms of service and agree that you will be bound by our company. Please check the website regularly for changes of the terms of service, instructions, guidance and similar information found on the Website.

Gominer is only intended for use if you are 18 years old or over, and it is lawful for you to do so. To register in Gominer, you are required to provide us with your correct information, identification and other documentation in order to help us prevent fraud. This includes photographic identification and recent proof of billing and address if needed. We may also undertake our own identity, fraud and credit checks.

It is forbidden for users, clients, and miners to visit and use the Website services through anonymous proxies and other services that hide the real internet connection of the user. Disregarding this notice might result in IP banning.


The Contract value by any amount of any cryptocurrency is subject to change by our company due to a number of factors that are out of control by our company.

Actions with Cryptocurrencies carry much risks due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and unregulated. The value of cryptocurrencies are not insured by any government or legal entities.

These factors are not limited for changes due to mining difficulty or other mining parameters, fluctuating price of cryptocurrencies, hardware lifespan, maintenance and hardware amortization. By registering on Gominer, you understand that you are solely responsible for management of cryptocurrencies in your balance as well as any losses or charges incurred by any third-party entity. Any contact and amount of mined cryptocurrency may lose all worth at any moment of time by mining. Due to the nature of Cryptocurrencies and you understand and agree in these terms.

Any information about cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency that is posted on this website, published or provided by our company thru any communication is subject to change.


Cryptocurrencies may not be for everyone. Therefore, before attempting to mine any cryptocurrency, you must learn about it for you to ensure that they are appropriate for you. There are advantages and disadvantages in using cryptocurrencies.

Users must not mine, sell, hold, buy, trade, or otherwise use or exploit cryptocurrencies in any way which is prohibited by the laws or regulations which apply to you or anyone. Some of the risks to Cryptocurrencies include currency fluctuation which is the price of the specific cryptocurrency may fall sharply. Another factor is the irreversibly cryptocurrencies transactions which is sending any amount of any cryptocurrency to the wrong person. You may be unable to recover those funds when this occur.

Transactions with cryptocurrencies may pend for a short period of time or may be longer. This situation is very unlikely and some cryptocurrency transactions may never be confirmed or not completed. Cryptocurrencies may be lost if you lose your passwords or PIN which is necessary to access your own cryptocurrency.

Unknown technical defects appear in cryptocurrency which impacts the use of cryptocurrency. By agreeing to these terms of service or using our service, you are agreeing that you understand, and are capable of understanding and accepting the risks with cryptocurrency.


Upon signing up on gominer, personal data you provide such as name, credit card information, billing information, cryptocurrency address, IP address, email address and other data linked to such information by Gominer are collected. You will be asked to create a unique username and password upon signing up for our service. Which information will be used for the purpose of providing access to your user account. For lost password and lost account recovery, you will have to enter your provided information on our website for lost account or lost password.

Opening an account for a third party user must certify and provide information from or for that specific user, and must have a consent to provide their personal information to us and that you have informed them for the present of privacy policy that they have agreed on.


By registering in Gominer, you are liable to obey and accept these terms upon submission of your information. You may not cancel your offer and only our company can decide if these application will be accepted. Agreement covered by these terms may not be canceled and you may not be eligible for a refund. An enforceable agreement covered by our terms of service will be entered between you and our company when your application is accepted.


You may only use or hold one account for yourself. In case you lost your password and username, contact us directly on our customer support. We assume that your account is created by you and you are responsible for any use of the service under your account or the use of your username.

Never share your password to anyone or any other person and never allow any other person use your own account for their own benefit as it will reflect your own actions.

Our company is not liable for any improper usage of your account by any other person. If you assume that other people know your personal information such as username and password or assume that your account have been used by other person, you must contact us immediately for your own safety.

You may mine cryptocurrency for your own benefit. By using our service, you are confirming that you are acting on your own and not for the benefit of other person.


You will never use Gominer’s services or information delivered through our services to conduct activities or solicit the performance of any illegal activities, fraudulent and unauthorized purposes. You will agree and comply with all applicable laws, rules, ordinances and regulations or codes and all applicable orders and rulings or requirements of any regulators and governmental authorities in connection of our services usage.

You agree that you will never attempt to tamper, or access any unauthorized software to access anyone’s account or any information contained on the website or interfere in any manner with the provision of our services. Also, using of unauthorized software to abuse our services or other users. Attempting these actions may result in serious legal matter and you may end in arrest.

When we have a reason for believing that you have engaged in any prohibited or any unauthorized activities described in this agreement, or have breached your obligations under this agreement, we may terminate or suspend this agreement or any service and limit your access on your account for our services. We may also hold the distribution of your cryptocurrency and other belongings on our website to you. We will also notify law enforcers or authorities and other appropriate and will take legal action against you. You will also be banned from our services forever.


Termination Consequences

Whenever you terminate any of our services, or refuse to accept the terms of this agreement otherwise, our company will cease to provide services that you will no longer be obligated to pay. When you terminate a service, your service fee will not be refunded. If you terminate this agreement from your own wrongful activity or violation of this agreement that entitle us to damages, we are liable to retain any amount owed to you as a setoff payment against the damages and obligations made by you.


During your mining contract, you can update your registration and contact details. Contact our customer support for deactivation or reactivation of your account. You may also terminate your active contract. You can also change some of your information such as email address. You can change some settings of your mining rig and change your cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Add new cloud mining rig and increase the hash power of your cloud mining rig.


You can use your balance to purchase additional contract for the cloud mining to increase you hash rates. You can withdraw your balance whenever it meets the minimum requirements unless subscribed to such promotional programs. Balance may be negative in different times, and must met the minimum requirement before you can make any withdrawal. Our company reserves the right to make calculations on cloud machines, balances, hash rates and logs to correct any mistakes or discrepancies. Mined cryptocurrencies will automatically transmitted directly on your balance. It is your personal funds available for your use.


This agreement does not limit our liability for personal injuries caused by our negligence or even death, or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Our website is used by our company to sell hash power provided by our suppliers, our suppliers retain the responsibilities to the final user or hash power provided to the services to avoid doubts. However, the claims and gains our suppliers may not be enforceable in some jurisdictions.

By using our services, you agree and permit that you have conducted sufficient understanding in the risks associated with cryptocurrency mining. Not disregarding our provision of constant hash rate under your mining contract. Your contract may not result in the constant generation of new cryptocurrencies due to other reasons including the increase of overall hash power, price of cryptocurrency, cost of electricity increase, mining difficulties and rewards. You also acknowledge and represent that you have made an independent decision to buy and use our services based on the information gathered by you.

There are no guarantee that the service will produce results so your service fee might be at risk. People have been benefiting from cryptocurrency mining for a long period of time, however, it is not an indication that everyone will benefit from cryptocurrency mining or from using our service. View your service fee as being at risk as you enter this agreement. We make no warranty or guarantee that you will benefit from our services. However, our company is fixed and serious in our services and these risks are frequent and may not happen, but take note of the risks possible.

We will not be liable for our inability to perform our obligations under this agreement, except provided by a nonwaivable request by applicable law or the express provisions of this agreement.

We will not be liable for any losses or damages caused by a user’s misconduct negligence or errors including the failure to comply with the terms of agreement and failure to act or any person not directly within our control. Also, unauthorized access of your account or wallet and failure to report to our company such unauthorized access.

We are providing our service as is and without warranty. Our officers, employees, parents, directors, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensors, advertisers and suppliers to the max extend allowed by applicable by law. Our company and other mentioned does not express any disclaim of all warranties. Implied warranties of merchantability for a particular purpose and any warranty of noninfringement of third party rights. There are no warranties whether by our company or other entities mentioned that our service will meet your expectations or your access with our service will be error free. And regarding the results of the use of the service with the respect to performance, reliability accuracy, security and capability. There are no oral or written information given by any person shall create warranties in any way relating to our company and our entities. There are no circumstances will our company or our other entities be liable for any unauthorized use of service or use of your account on negative actions or any actions at all.

Our company and our partners and other entities will not be liable to for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or any damages including loss of gain and business interruption. Also, for your loss of information and other similar aspects even based on contract, strict liability or other arising out of related factors in this agreement. Advertising or purchasing of our service or inability to use of our service or account or other entities will have been informed for the damages possible to occur.

Some jurisdictions does not allow the limitation of liability for consequential damages, therefore, some limitations may not apply. Any disclaimer or limitation on the damages or the liability to set forth is prohibited by law. Therefore, our company and other entities will be entitled to the maximum disclaimer or limitation on damages and liability available at law.


Whenever an outside event takes place and affects the performance of our services, our company will announce and contact you as soon as possible and notify you. Our obligations will be suspended for the time of outside negative events occur. When these events continue for a long period of time and exceeds for five months, we will cease provision of the services to you. However, we will not be responsible for any delay in performance of our obligations to deliver the services caused by an outside delays or malfunctions or any other negative events.

To avoid disputes in connection with entry into force, the government regulation of the services with 7 day notice via email. Our company have the right to redeem mining contracts at the current allocation price. Our company is entitled during the events that are outside our control and to lessen these harms across a numerous affected users. You agree that these factors may lessen your placed services and the portion of customer which are distributed to you from our company.


Our referral program allows you to receive rewards for purchases made by others by using your own referral code or link. You may refer to our FAQs page about this topic. Every client may receive a fixed referral code upon signing up on Gominer. A client may invite an unlimited amount of referral by using their own referral code. You may advertise, publish, or post your referral link on third party websites such as social media websites or blogs and other similar medium. However, our company is not responsible for the validity of information in any advertisements or publications made by you about Gominer on any third party websites or any similar medium.

Your referred costumer must visit Gominer via your referral link and create a legit account within 24 hours after the first visit and within the same browser session. Your referred costumer must not switch browser or must not clear the browser’s cache. Our company may increase the percentage for users with high mounts of referrals or when the referred costumers purchases high amount of hash rate or contract.

Anyone must not abuse this program as it will not benefit and may only result in account termination. Our company does not allow 2 accounts with the same owner for the purpose of gaining the bonus. It is strictly forbidden to create multiple accounts for the purpose of abusing the program. If our company detects any suspicious act such as mentioned above, our company have the right to request any proof of identity from the referrer holder. If the proof sent is deemed invalid, fake, or forged, our company may terminate all accounts related and may cancel the contracts of all related accounts and may not be able to restore or redeem these balances. Proofs must be provided within 7 days.

Our company may remove or adjust any referral code or bonuses at any time without prior notice. Users must not spam or made such abusive advertising ways for making referrals. Our company have the right to remove the access of the user on the referral program anytime.


You approve to insure and hold harmless to our company and our other affiliates and entities. Also, against any third party liabilities and claims, damages occur from your negligence, any claim from a third party claiming that your use of our services violates the law or violates rights of any third party or failure of compliance with the terms of this agreement or your violation of any law and violation of rights of a third party.


Our company have the right to change this agreement or modify the terms of use and services from time to time including the following circumstances such as changes in payment methods, changes in communication, and changes in accordance by law, changes in event outside our control, changes in financial viability and changes in services applicable by law.

However, we will notify you whenever any changes occur in the following ways in our discretion such as sending an email and providing notice when logging in to your account and sending message on your dashboard. You may be required to accept a revised agreement in order to continue with mining in our company. Use of our services or purchase of any additional service after the date of changes will create your acceptance of any changes. You may be obliged to accept the agreement for you to continue the use services of our company.

Changes may be made for legal purposes including the changes in compliance with any laws relevant and will be immediately effective and we will contact you when any possible changes are made. Changes may only apply after their effective dates will not apply.


For your own security, we reserve the right to use of any information you provided in order to study your credit and legal history and other information about you in presented sources. By agreeing on these terms, you are granting us with full consent to research your background before accepting your application.


Price of our services will be computed on our website frequently. For the time of your information was entered in our system. We will take full care to guarantee that the cost of the services are correct at all times. In an error in service price you order was discovered, we will review your order and take action on it. However, our service prices may change without prior notice but clients will be informed regarding this matter.

Purchases using a credit card must require proof of ownership at frequent times. In case of credit card purchase, our company have the right to place your account on hold for a period of 15 days for security reasons such as fraud related policies and regulations.

Taxes are included in the service fee but may change depending on the government at the time of order. When the tax rate changes at the time between the time of your order and the time of the tax rate change, rate will be adjusted unless you have paid for our services before the change or tax rate change.


We may display user content. However we are not required to do so and we may reject any user content. By registering on our website, you agree that we may process and store your information submitted on our website. You may also exchange information with other users on our website using our social interface function. You must ensure that your content with us both external and internal does not contain any important information before sharing it on other users and must be keep private or confidential for your own safety.

By sending or posting your information on our website, you are giving us a permission of a transferable, irrevocable and perpetual license of usage of your content.

You will not use the website in any way that infringes any copyright and will not post to the website of any report, material or any other content that is abusive, pornographic, obscene, gore, or discriminatory topics or post, or any post that harasses any person. Also, you must not use our website in in any way that will interfere any other user enjoyment of the website.

You will not use the website that for making solicitation of passwords or personal information and must not upload any files that contain viruses or other malicious software. Never use it to exploit any other person. You may communicate with us via our website and vise-versa. We may also communicate with you via email you have provided.


Terms of service, privacy policy and instructions, guidance and other similar information may be found on our website. Terms of service are subjected to your legal and common law consumer rights and will not limit any rights you will have and cannot excluded under law. We may deduct any balance you owe us from your balance. Our company’s failure to implement any term will not waiver this term.

You may select your language from our language selection in order to avoid any case of conflict between languages. If any parts of the terms is unenforceable, terms will be amended to the smallest range required in able to make it enforceable.

All of your requests, questions and complaints must be sent directly to us on our customer support and we will respond within less than 36 hours. Our company will take full actions and do our best to support for all or our user in every way possible.